With a background in Fashion, Architecture, and Interior Design, Kathryn has lived and created in Oregon, California, Germany, and the Southern United States. In addition to her artistic acumen, Kathryn brings over 25 years of extremely successful entrepreneurial experiences in real estate and business management. Besides managing plan A, Kathryn also works as a Production Designer. To see some of her work, click here


andy - producer

Two-weeks out of college, Andy met Chusy as he was raising money for his first feature film, ANYWHERE USA-- a movie that earned Andy a masters degree in filmmaking. Chusy and Andy vowed to keep making movies together, "film that matters," and more than a decade later, they're still going strong. Andy covets time with his wife, Emily, and their chihuahua mix, Francis, and can sometimes be found on the weekends at the outlet mall off of I-26.


joshua - Line producer

A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia with a degree in psychology and marketing, Joshua has been a fervent pupil of both Chusy and Andy since 2012. Garnering experience from both the union and independent film worlds, he devotes all of his critical thinking, work ethic, and intuition to the plan A mantra: film that matters. He lives in Asheville, NC alongside his plan A family and sexy Polish wife.