chusy - director

Born and raised in Venezuela, Chusy has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. A former executive creative director of a blue-chip international advertising agency, Chusy attended the Director’s Program at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California and received an MFA in directing. There he made, MONKEY PARK, a short film starring Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer and Ray Wise. His first film, ANYWHERE USA, won the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at SUNDANCE, awarded by a Quentin Tarantino-led jury. In 2011, Chusy was asked to present a work in progress of his documentary film, GIGANTE, as part of a TED talk he gave in San Francisco. Chusy was featured in an episode of MADE, the uplifting MTV show where he helped a teen with learning disabilities make a film. He is the father of two beautiful children, speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French with working knowledge of Italian and German, and is an inveterate flosser.

chusy's ted talk